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The Initial Assessment 

We will spend some time getting to know you while listening to your health concerns and goals. We will assess vital structural, postural and functional imbalances that might be causing your pain or instability. Based on your results, pinpointed exercises and lifestyle advice will be created, shown and performed with you so you can perform them at home. A profile can be created for you ($45) and your assessments as well as your orthopedic exercises will be able to be viewed from a free downloadable app. Most standard initial visits are 75 mins...$120




Follow-up Visits

We will listen about how your structural, postural and physical well being has been since your last visit. The follow-up visit(s) can generally be just a few days to one week apart-based on your needs and imbalances discussed in the initial assessment. The practitioner's goal is to give you the tools you need for an active role in your healing and fitness. Most follow-up visits typically last 50 minutes to 1 hour and include assessment, reevaluation as well as participating in the assigned exercises with your practitioner...$105

*A cancellation fee of ($35) is applied for session cancellations within 24   hours


Session Packages

4 sessions:      $400 (90 day expiration)


8 sessions:      $800

remote sessions:  $110     


We do not take insurance

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